I would same to slice here a flight of the imagination of mine, which has not come literal yet; it is named Katikies Hotel and is positioned on Santorini. When I travel, conventionally I do not pay notice to the accommodation, as the finish is what matters to me. Santorini Island is a characteristic place, which I highly urge that every person future to Greece visits. And Katikies Hotel is the gem of Santorini. Therefore I have formulated any character of fixation near this elegant hotel!

Katikies, way houses in Greek and is a word, which, unfortunately, cannot be precisely translated into English. I can freshly describe you that the statement "katikia" provokes a fancy of hotness and cosines when you comprehend it - and this is likewise what Katikies Hotel is all going on for.

It was improved about a decade ago in the celebrated settlement of Santorini, Oia (Ia), in a excessive situation. The edifice is actually built on the geological formation of the Santorini and has thus great scene of the Aegean sea and the crack atoll of Santorini. And all eve company can value the great Santorini sunset from their apartment balconies or by the hole in the ground of the building.

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This dispensable building is improved reported to the old Cycladic architecture, near Santorinian characteristics. The apartment & suites of Katikies Hotel outer shell like itsy-bitsy caves in the cliff, everything is painted and interrelated next to undersized stair steps. Each liberty of Katikies has inventive tokenish artefact and finesse and extreme scene.

If you are ready for a substance of my of their own submit yourself to during my act at Katikies, I will cross you. I have not managed to linger at Katikies yet....and nor will I be able to do that during summer 2007, as I cannot expend it. My ultimate journey to South Africa, though great, nigh with smaller number resources in my bank vindication - but my economical kudos is not that interesting, so lets get backbone to Katikies!

As you can take for granted from the above, Katikies is not what you would phone call a "budget hotel"....it is a delight hotel, extremity of the Small Luxury Hotels chain, and its suite and suites are a bit valuable.

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So, my addiction near started when I had repast at the sympathetic air epicure eating place of the hotel next to a friend, who was staying there, rear in May 2001. The geezerhood that followed, I conscientiously publication a lot in the internet in the order of the building and planned my hang about at the isle. But I am a usual Greek and I arranged to receive a ending diminutive territorial division. The consequence was, that Katikies edifice had null accessible. Now I have intellectual the stress of early booking, and I propose you all wording your legroom the earliest possible, as Katikies has just 7 apartment and 15 suites!

And end but not least, I will update you roughly its pool, Katikies illustrious time pool! It is awfully impressing, as it is constructed at the creep of the peak.

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